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I  have a passion for history and believe that every person, family, and community has fascinating stories waiting to be told... stories that will go unheard tomorrow unless they are saved today.


My interest in personal history began when charting my own family genealogy. I could discover facts but wanted to know more about the people themselves - their thoughts and stories. One day I discovered a journal that my great-grandmother kept during a period of convalescence.  What a joy to read her words and gain  insight to the woman I only knew through a black and white photo.


I love to dive into the past. I have found useful tips and resources along the way, particularly as a member of the Association of Personal Historians.

"You have inspired us to get started thinking and writing our stories.  You are the inspiration for all of us!"

- Jean Bermingham

Let me help you preserve your history.

"I want to thank you for the book.  It is a masterpiece and I read it as soon as I arrived home!' 

- Anne McGorum

"What a beautiful book!  Our children will have a special memory of God's protection in our lives.  The completed product is a testament of your thoroughness and good taste."

- Judith Hansel


​​I'm Melanie Circle Brown, founder of Circle of Life Histories.

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